"Who says dark has to be dreary? These gorgeous Gothic cakes will have you cheering: (By Sweet La…"

"An 18th century image of  Oliver Cromwell’s Head We know our blog is dedicated to the history of the Georgian era but, for this subject, we must first venture back into the previous century to set …"

By Sweet Lake Cakes

"As same-sex marriage gains support in the U.S., the Vatican adopts a welcoming stance toward gays."

"Jessica Williams reports on the condition of Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s conservative utopia."

"Jon and Bill O’Reilly debate whether white privilege is a factor in success in America."

I’m not holding my breath for this agreement working out, but this article has an overview of the situation if you aren’t all that up on it.

"Melissa Harris-Perry pens her open letter this week to the Republican Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, who defended flying the confederate flag in front of the statehouse."

"As the fight to stop the Ebola virus from spreading continues in the U.S., some immigrants from West Africa are reporting feeling stigmatized."

"Melissa Harris-Perry talks about how Thomas Eric Duncan was a victim of America’s broken health care system."