"Does misspelled graffiti make protest less potent; or are there just sick birds in Maryland? The Ridiculist weighs in."

"An American exchange student in Germany is rescued after getting stuck inside an enormous vagina sculpture."

k about a giant vagina.

"Anderson Cooper asks Bryan Hughes, a Texas state representative, about why the state GOP is embracing reparative therapy."

"Anderson Cooper gives some handy tips on how to tell the difference between him and the blonde superstar Adam Levine."

I still think Mr. Cooper is the sexier of the two.

"NYU Law Professor Kenji Yoshino breaks down why he disagrees with "religious freedom" arguments in the SB-1062 debate."

"Arizona lawmakers hurry past CNN’s Randi Kaye as she tries to discuss the state’s Religious Freedom Restoration act."

"Arizona State Representative John Kavanaugh defends voting for the ‘religious freedom’ bill."

"A fraternity at Arizona State University has been suspended after throwing a racist party on MLK day."

"Tonight’s Ridiculist follows actor Ian Ziering, former star of "90210," who can add "Chippendales emcee" to his resume."

Come watch Anderson Cooper talk about Chippendales.

"Former U.S. Olympic skater Brian Boitano speaks on publicly coming out after joining the U.S. delegation to Sochi."

"Anderson looks at Putin’s comments on gay visitors coming to the Olympics, as attack on gays in Russia are on the rise."

"Dr. Drew says tobacco has a bigger gateway effect than pot and Dr. Hart says there’s no proof pot has a gateway effect."

I am substantially in agreement with Dr. Carl Hart.

"Anderson speaks with Dr. Drew and Newport Academy treatment center CEO about rehab for Ethan Couch in affluenza case."

I’m still so furious about this I have no words.

"A building manager in Portland makes a surprising claim about who’s been stealing weeds and herbs from his property."

I have said before that Portlandia is a touch exaggerated, but not nearly as exaggerated as one would think.

"Victor Blackwell obtained documents that raise new questions about the Kendrick Johnson investigation."