"AN ANCIENT settlement more than 2,000 years old has been discovered next to a garden centre – and has been heralded as a major find."


I don’t know if you have seen this show, but this episode talks about Africans living in England in the 13th century.

I plan to watch the entirety of this later, but check out around 19:00. There’s a bit of a discussion on how to really know the demographics of Medieval England at all, much less a racial census. Even more interestingly, a piece of a medieval manuscript is discussed, and the  narrator says, “This is one of the only known Medieval images of an African in England”.

Eeeep! I really wish I could tell them to come over here a while and check out this blog! XD


oracularpaintbrush said [response to this post]:

There have even been Egyptian faiance (sp?) beads found in the barrows and various graves here on Salisbury Plains in England, some of which were the graves of invading Vikings if I recall.

I’m more familiar with the

"A tumultuous time on the southern Plains is slowly returning to the surface in Oklahoma, where archaeologists have excavated a 250-year-old fortress built by a people known as the Taovaya, who soug…"

"The archaeological site of Jiahu in China was inhabited from 7000 BCE to 5700 BCE and has yielded important information on the early foundations of Chinese society."