• the Avengers get really bored one day and pick names out of a hat and trade costumes and spend the rest of the day pretending they got bodyswapped to mess with Tony
  • it’s Steve’s idea

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Whenever Steve gets angry and starts to yell, Tony fondly calls him Capslock.

Whenever Steve gets angry and starts to yell, Tony fondly calls him Capslock.

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This is great. 


This is great. 



Old Hollywood Avengers

(because Tony throwing Gatsby-like parties is perfect)


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Avengers: Age of Ultron SDCC Promo Poster by Ryan Meinerding, Andy Park & Charlie Wen

One more time ‘cause it deserves.

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bucky barnes regains all his memories 

he hunts down tony, jaw clenched and veins popping and everybody gets really worried until he starts screaming


and meanwhile phil coulson shows up all starry-eyed and is like TAKE THE KEYS SHE’S ALL YOURS


yeah uhm hi tony put in a good word with cap?



Steampunk Avengers

In which Tony is a former weapons manufacturer with his faithful automaton Jarvis, the hellicarrier is a mechanical balloon and the Avengers are a group drawn together by a new villain.


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LOL.  Bonus answer—


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According to “Joss Whedon: The Biography,” in stores August 1, Hiddleston, who plays antihero Loki in the film, wrote Whedon a heartfelt email after reading Whedon’s draft for the first time.

We’ve published Hiddleston’s letter in full along with Whedon’s response with permission from Chicago Review Press below.


I am so excited I can hardly speak.

The first time I read it I grabbed at it like Charlie Bucket snatching for a golden ticket somewhere behind the chocolate in the wrapper of a Wonka Bar. I didn’t know where to start. Like a classic actor I jumped in looking for LOKI on every page, jumping back and forth, reading words in no particular order, utterances imprinting themselves like flash-cuts of newspaper headlines in my mind: “real menace”; “field of obeisance”; “discontented, nothing is enough”; “his smile is nothing but a glimpse of his skull“; “Puny god” …

… Thank you for writing me my Hans Gruber. But a Hans Gruber with super-magic powers. As played by James Mason … It’s high operatic villainy alongside detached throwaway tongue-in-cheek; plus the “real menace” and his closely guarded suitcase of pain. It’s grand and epic and majestic and poetic and lyrical and wicked and rich and badass and might possibly be the most gloriously fun part I’ve ever stared down the barrel of playing. It is just so juicy

I love how throughout you continue to put Loki on some kind of pedestal of regal magnificence and then consistently tear him down. He gets battered, punched, blasted, side-swiped, roared at, sent tumbling on his back, and every time he gets back up smiling, wickedly, never for a second losing his eloquence, style, wit, self-aggrandisement or grandeur, and you never send him up or deny him his real intelligence…. That he loves to make an entrance; that he has a taste for the grand gesture, the big speech, the spectacle. I might be biased, but I do feel as though you have written me the coolest part.

… But really I’m just sending you a transatlantic shout-out and first-bump, things that traditionally British actors probably don’t do. It’s epic.

Whedon wrote back with a simplistic response:

Tom, this is one of those emails you keep forever. Thanks so much. It’s more articulate (and possibly longer) than the script. I couldn’t be more pleased at your reaction, but I’ll also tell you I’m still working on it … Thank you again. I’m so glad you’re pleased. Absurd fun to ensue.

Best, (including uncharacteristic fist bump), joss.

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Day 2 Cont’d 

More Con Shenanigans: Now with Lady Loki

Hopefully the internet will behave itself. Anyway, let’s takeover the world. :)

Awesome! Keep up the great work, you two!

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Day 2: Avengers Thor and Loki 

Ah, yes. The controversial cosplay that is ravaging tumblr right now.

It’s a shame, really. This costume was my very first cosplay I’ve done from scratch. Right down to the top and skirt.  However all that is being lost due to ignorance. In fact, this kind of attention is making my cousin ill. So this is why racism is important to acknowledge, why its important to realize how whiteness in our favorite media is helping to shape people into saying that we’re just silly ‘black girls’ for being anything else other than ‘gangsta’ girls and aunt jemimas. 


My two favorite photos from the photoshoot at the Otakon Photo Booth.

My cousin is the lovely Lady Loki and I am Lady Thor.

You two are simply FANTASTIC! Those costumes are great and it’s obvious that they’re a work of love, and there’s a lot of love and effort put into them. Everything about this cosplay is great.

You’re definitely not ‘silly’ and those haters are just jealous because they could not do anywhere near as good a job as you did. Hell, I doubted that they even TRIED, so they do the only thing they’ve got left for pathetic people like them: hate.

Please tell your cousin that her Loki is great, and to not let the haters get her down. I know it’s only a few words on tumblr that I can offer, but she’s fantastic and you’re fantastic.

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A masterpost of some of my favourite Avengers head canons, mainly starring Clint.

(Credit to the bloggers that posted them)

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