What I did on the 4th of July

Today I went to see the stripper movie which didn’t have nearly enough mostly naked Joe Manganiello in it, was aggressively heterosexual, and had an awful lot of slow moving plot.  Seriously, I would have been happy with two hours of sexy men stripping tied together with a little backstage stuff, but there was all this boring filler.  I was amused to see that the audience consisted of a huge number of groups of women, two over fifty couples on dates, one older gay couple, and me. 

I then went to the Big Gay Potluck to flirt with the older men.  I was a little worried the dude I turned down last time might be weird about it, but things went fine and I met a nice couple down from BC to flirt with along with the usual suspects.  There were two guys my agish, but I picked the wrong conversation opener with one and it all fell flat.  The other dude was always in the wrong conversational grouping though physically he’s my type.  Maybe next time.  It was outside because the weather cleared up today for the first time in over a week.  They have this glorious overgrown garden and between that and the wood smoke it reminded me of the Aunts/My Mother’s garden in Lafayette Hill.  I wish I could find one (or several) guys to fuck but it’s just nice to find guys to flirt with and talk about which movie actors are sexy.  There was even a bunch of food I could eat, since people brought a bunch of vegetarian salads along with the usual meat stuff.  Someone made a joke it looked like lesbians had picked the food this time.  (The was a lesbian there this time.  rare, but welcome).  I came home, pet cats, puttered around the garden a bit then settled in to eat melons and catch up on some shows.

The older guys tend to have rather different taste in men than mine, as it’s somewhere generational differences shows.  One of the things I love about them is how the flirting as way more contract bridge style like I was used to coming up back east, with lots of back and forth to see if you like the same stuff and the come ons are more polite and subtle, leaving lots of room for face saving backing out.  After I came west I had to get used to less in the way of advance signalling and double entendre and more in the way of pouncing cold and hoping no one will hit you.  I like the old school flirting and double entendre.  I like having the opportunity to scope out compatibility before I take someone home.  Now to find one I’m interested in taking home.  Sigh.