No Dream Act This Year

 Congressional Republicans claim they “don’t have time” to pass immigration reform because they’ve chosen to give themselves so much time off.  This makes sense.  After all, they’ve been terribly busy refusing to pass any important legislation and periodically destabilizing the American the economy, so they need so much extra time off.  Unlike the people their cruelty and laziness continues to hurt, presumably.

 Rumor Control: Right wing “news” sources like the National Review decided that the existence of a fund raiser in Paris for expats on the 4th of July meant that the President would be spending the holiday in Paris.  After all, why bother to fact check accusations made by a notoriously untruthful right wing blog if it fits the Right Wing the “President is foreigner” narrative, right?  So of course it isn’t true and the President held a big Naturalization ceremony and party for 25 veterans home from serving this country at the White House, in celebration of our country’s diverse roots and as a way of honoring the soldiers who serve our country before it is officially theirs.  Of course it also highlights why we need the Dream Act to fast track our veterans to citizenship.  Meanwhile, the Republican propaganda machine keeps on telling lies about our President and fighting to argue our veterans should be deported as soon as their service is done.

I was going to do a thing about how Republicans are blaming the President for failing to pass the Dream Act over Republican filibuster.  After all, it’s clearly not the Republican’s fault they chose to filibuster it, right?  Sigh.  Anyway, John Stewart is doing a way better job of unpacking all the lies and hypocrisy

I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I think supporting our troops includes not deporting them after they have completed their service.