Republicans want to remind you that is a national shame and unpatriotic to try to get our soldiers captured in battle back if the soldier’s father has a beard.  After all Muslims wear beards and Islamaphobia should always trump our duty to the troops Republicans pretend to love so much.

"The U.S. government expresses gratitude to veterans but hasn’t yet fixed their health care system."

"The Phoenix V.A. office goes to great lengths to hide its negligence."

"Sen. Bernie Sanders, chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, talks with Rachel Maddow about investigations into resolving the problem of the massive backlog of veterans’ claims awaiting attention from the VA."

"The Senate uses Iran sanctions to bring shafting veterans to a whole new level."

It’s a National Shame

Republicans insist that stealing the pensions of combat veterans and survivors of our war dead is a patriotic thing to do as that money is better spent on the rich because reasons.  They want to remind you that this is what “supporting the troops” is all about.  After all those benefits would help the economy and we can’t have that.  Also, the veterans will just blow their promised benefits on frivolous things like food and shelter.

"Rachel Maddow talks with Paul Rieckhoff, U.S. Army veteran and executive director of the IAVA, about pressuring President Obama to protect veterans’ benefits."

"Hospital pricing is often convoluted, and hospital charges represent about a third of the total United States health care bill."

"A Galveston medical student comes to grips with a healthcare system in which her patients die from treatable conditions."

Ya think?

"Oklahoma now joins Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana as the only states that have publicly said they will limit how and where such couples can register for benefits, despite a recent Pentagon directive."

Republicans hate veterans so much they are denying gay ones the benefits they earned by their service in four states now. 

A judge has given a teacher who raped a fourteen year old girl, who killed herself as a result, only 30 days in jail, since the judge believes the dead girl was equally responsible for her own rape.  He is not stepping down.   The prosecutor didn’t even ask for jail time the first time around.


The Invisible War