"Attorney General Eric Holder is calling for an end to state laws that bar felons from voting, even after they have served their sentences."By perpetuati…"

Another reason to love Eric Holder.

"An Iowa inmate has won a lawsuit against the state because he was served food prepared in pots and pans that had previously touched meats and other ingredients — a violation of that inmate’s religious rights, a judge has ruled."

"As the documentary around CeCe McDonald’s life will show, prison isn’t safe for anyone, especially transgender women."

""For trans* women who are locked up, getting access to medical care and safety from the guards and inmates is a serious problem. But the problem starts when they are put in prisons designed for men…"

"Driving prisoners crazy won’t make the public safer."

"Yesterday morning, we reported on the immigration situation of Avery Edison, a British transgender comedian who tweeted her way through hours of detainment."

"A federal appeals court upheld a Massachusetts court’s finding that a sex change constitutes necessary medical care."

It’s several segments, so I’m linking you to the intro.

The courts have given California two months to end human rights abuses in their prisons.