"Reporting from The Miami Herald shows that use of force cases have nearly doubled in Florida’s prisons since 2008. Piper Kerman and the lawyer for Latandra Ellington’s family, Daryl Parks, join to discuss Ellington’s case."

"Melissa Harris-Perry details the contents of a letter written by Latandra Ellington, an inmate at Lowell Correctional Institution in Florida who was found dead, and what we know about her case right now. Julie Brown from The Miami Herald joins to discuss."

"A Kentucky state lawmaker says he will introduce a bill that will accurately apportion the state’s prison population in legislative districts."

"A woman who spent a year at Tutwiler in 2006 and 2007 said many of the inmates would have been better off in a psychiatric facility or in treatment for drug addiction."

"No state has crammed more people into less prison space than Alabama. That remarkable overcrowding has contributed to host of problems for this state. AL.com spent months exploring the issue."

"A federal court says the Lewis County Jail cannot restrict inmate mail to postcards."

"Human beings are not meant to be isolated. Here’s how two of them coped with prolonged solitary confinement."

"Avery Edison, who was held at a men’s jail for 20 hours, filed human rights complaints claiming she was discriminated and mistreated because of her gender."

"A 16-year-old transgender girl who was placed at York women’s prison in April will be moved next week."

Seven states are refusing to do anything.  Rick Perry wants you to know that the law ordering them to stop raping inmates is a violation of States Rights, unlike rape which isn’t a violation according to republicans, apparently.

"The federal government’s new rules make it cheaper for inmates to call long distance than locally."

"NPR Investigative Correspondent Joe Shapiro tells host Michel Martin about the growing use of fines in the criminal justice system."