all while Monsanto lobbies to defund and defang the F.D.A.


all while Monsanto lobbies to defund and defang the F.D.A.

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Congress Plans to Cut Infrastructure Spending by 20% in a month.

Congressional Republicans want to remind you it’s necessary to cut infrastructure spending by 20% next month, stopping projects already in process in order to thwart the President’s goal of doing things the country wants and needs.  Too bad about all the people who will be put out of work and how much businesses needs roads and bridges to function, the over arching goal of partisan gain trumps all other considerations, and it has the bonus advantage of yet again preventing the very rich for having to pay their share for infrastructure they benefit from.




Absolutely sickening.

Okay, I just want to say - all you people whose answer to those who need an abortion is, “Just give the child up for adoption”?  THIS IS WHAT THAT CHILD FACES IN THE FOSTER CARE SYSTEM.  It’s not just that the child is much more likely to be physically, sexually, or emotionally abused, it’s much more likely to be INSTITUTIONALLY ABUSED because most of our society puts no value whatsoever on these kids!  They are more or less helpless and have relatively few advocates and practically no rights and THAT IS A BAD SITUATION TO BE IN.  If you actually care about children like you claim you do, FIX THIS^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  And stop proposing this as an alternative to forced parenthood because they are both shitty-as-fuck ‘solutions’.

I have a horrible racist libertarian cousin who insisted we should take babies away from “whores” ie low-income black women because babies are snatched up so quickly! I told her she must be smoking crack to think there’s some high demand for black babies among rich white people and that the foster system is already waaaayy overburdened. She won’t say it outright but she just doesn’t value the lives of these people, always couching her Randian bullshit in “give a man a fish, you feed him for a day.” She also insists wealthy people are the most generous, which is patently untrue. I’d love to shove this article in her face but she’d write it off as “liberal bias” or something, maybe even say “well, they are probably grateful to have any home at all.” God I fucking hate libertarians.

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A Fox News guest on Thursday argued that hungry students would have a “teaching moment” if they were refused access in the cafeteria line to school lunches because their parents hadn’t properly filled out the right paperwork.

During a segment on Fox & Friends, therapist and school counselor Thomas Kersting told host Gretchen Carlson that he approved of a New Jersey school district’s plan to reportedly “throw the meal away” if kids didn’t have enough money to pay for lunch.

I swear sometimes that guests on Fox News are competing for some kind of award for which one of them is the biggest asshole.

After all, hunger harms concentration and increases behavioral problems so harms not only that student but all the others in class, so clearly we need more of that, right?

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TW: Rape.

 The Marysville prosecutor insists that a rape kit and an iphone video of a rape of a fourteen video is insufficient evidence of rape and wants to remind people that that it is legal to rape underage girls in Missouri if they’ve had any alcohol.  Good to know.  It’s good to see that the State’s Attorney begs to differ.  Still, two girls were raped, they were tormented by locals, punished by their school for coming forward, and the house of one of the girls was burned down, presumably in retaliation.  No charges against the rapists or any of the other people involved are pending.

Here are some more children Republicans are literally killing by shutting down the program that provides them medical treatment.

Republicans are now insisting the massive amount of economic chaos and human misery they are causing by shutting down the government is necessary because we need to repeal a 2.7% tax on the ridiculously high profits medical device manufacturers make.  That is the current demand and the only ideological point they are making beyond incoherent demands that they should get something out of this just in general even they don’t know what.  They are doing all these horrible things for a tiny corporate special interest.

After cutting the education budget, the Governor [Tom Corbett] commissioned Boston Consulting Group, a major global-business consulting and school “right-sizing” firm, to a $1.5 million contract to fix the Philadelphia problem. Boston Consulting Group has a worldwide reputation for crushing teachers’ unions and putting most public schools under charter control. Corbett followed the firm’s advice and the infusion of charter schools is starting to overrun Philadelphia.

According to The Philadelphia Citypaper, the School District of Philadelphia will spend $729 million on charter schools in the coming fiscal year. Nearly a third of Philadelphia’s students will attend 84 charter schools this year and it will cost the district an estimated $7000 per student to attend a charter school. Parents are starting to move their children away from the nearly extinct public schools by enrolling them in charter schools and virtual charter schools. The problem with this equation is academics and money. A Stanford study found students at 100 percent of Pennsylvania’s cyber charters performed significantly lower than the peers at traditional schools. Five Pennsylvania cyber charters receive $200 million in tax money each year to produce unacceptable results. The Agora Cyber Charter, which is run by the for-profit company K12, made $31.6 million last year from state taxpayers. It’s interesting to note that billionaire Michael Milken is an owner of K12 and that Mr. Milken was convicted of racketeering and securities fraud in 1989.

Adding more fuel to the charter fire is the state’s law that keeps the school district powerless. Daniel Denvir says, “For reasons that aren’t clear, millions of dollars have moved between the network of charter schools, their parent nonprofit, and two property-management entities. The School District is charged with overseeing city charters but ‘does not have the power or access to the financial records of the parent organization.’” This is how companies like Aspira Inc. are draining the life out of Philadelphia schools. Denvir reports that Aspira Inc. of Pennsylvania operates four Philadelphia charter schools and owes large sums of money to the district. As of last June, that total had climbed to $3.3 million. The Philadelphia charter school scandal, however, has become common the past five years. Since 2008, 18 Philadelphia charter schools have been under federal investigations. A 2010 City Controller investigation stated that the district is “extremely vulnerable to fraud, waste, and abuse.” Superintendent Hite even went on record to say, “Unmanaged, self-directed, charter-school growth could force the district into a perpetual deficit.”

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"Republican-controlled states decide they hate President Obama worse than they hate poverty."


This is how you’re meant to argue when you’re eventually in charge. You’re trained for it, and part of that training is regularly being presented with morally indefensible positions to defend anyway or risk losing whatever competition you’re engaged with. I have seen perfectly decent young men get carried away defending genocide and torture because that’s the only way to win. Those who are unable to do so are taught that they have no business having political opinions. The people assumed to be the future elite are not rewarded for getting the answer which is most correct, most compassionate or humane or even sensible - they’re rewarded for smashing the opposition. And that’s how you get politicians who will argue anything they’re told to, enact any policy they’re told to no matter how many how many people will get hurt, just so that their team can win.

Moreover, this isn’t just a standard homework question. It appears on a scholarship entrance exam, a test designed to be sat by young men seeking to join the ranks of the rich and powerful by virtue of merit and smarts rather than family money. Most fee-paying schools have such a system in place, especially the really elite ones which need to maintain a veneer of public conscience to bolster their tax-exempt charity status (yes, Eton is technically a charity) and boost exam results by scattering some middle-class nerds amongst the rich twits. I sat an entrance exam just like this thirteen years ago, because my parents wanted me to have a private education and they couldn’t afford the fees. Of the hundreds of exams I’ve sat since, none has had quite such a material affect on my future.

Had a question like this appeared on that test, I know I’d have been torn. I wouldn’t be torn now, of course, I’d write ‘go fuck yourself’ across the paper in my sparkliest pens, but right now I’m an adult with a job, not a scared thirteen-year-old who wants to make her mum proud. The obvious answer- that any Prime Minister who attempts to justify the murder of protesters after the rule of law has disintegrated is not fit to rule and should step down immediately - is not one that appears on the test. And that’s the point of tests like these.

It’s not enough to be clever. What this test says is: if you want to be part of the ruling elite, you have to share our values, and one of those values is maintaining power at any cost, even if it involves defending the indefensible. Having a moral compass that doesn’t spin wildly at the promise of power is an active impediment. The significant line in that extended question is ‘You are the Prime Minister.’ As if you’d be anything else.


The Eton Scholarship Question: this is how the British elite are trained to think | Laurie Penny for The New Statesman

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