SIGNAL BOOST!!! 20 Black Lesbians and Gender-nonconforming People assaulted and Threatened by LGBT PRIDE Organizers!

This is a call to action from Johannesburg! 

Youtube Description:

6 October 2012, feminist LGBT activists demanded one minute of silence at the Joburg Pride Parade to honor and mourn those who have been killed because of their sexual orientation and gender expression. The Pride Committee assaulted the activists, called them names and told them that they had no right to be there. Boycott depoliticised prides and pinkwashing by corporations. 

I just watched that video on facebook… Nobody mentioned that later in the day, as if nothing happened. And as nice as it was, the whole pride thing looked like a big ad for various companies. They’d rather give shout outs to powerplay and sab then let their own people talk about things that happen to their own community??? hmmm

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Campaign Name: “Homophobes are Faggots: Straight People Talking About Gay People” T-Shirts include “I love my sassy gay friend,” “Gays made all my clothes” and “Gay people are people too - they’re just extra fabulous!”

They will make promotional videos of…

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