I’ve been doing this for real for years.

I honestly haven’t the energy to address the grim news from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq.  My best wishes to the families of the dead.

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Thx to Yobaba.


Thx to Yobaba.

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Qusayr fell yesterday.  Damn.

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Oklahoma Update

91 people are suspected dead.  It sounds like a lot of the children at the elementary school drowned as the debris flooded where they were trapped in the hall way where they were sheltering.

Devastating Tornado in Oklahoma

51 people are confirmed dead in Oklahoma after a particularly devastating tornado, with at least 120 injured.  24 children are missing from an elementary School, with seven of their school mates already listed amoung the dead.  They are still searching for survivors and bodies, so this isn’t any sort of final total.  These things are always heart breaking, but there is something particularly terrible about parents sending all those children off to school and never seeing them again.  There are no words, really.

Syria Update

It is thought Hesbulah may be helping Assad.  Government forces may have taken or be in the process of taking Qusair, but rebels dispute the claims.

Refugee numbers are expected to reach 3 million by the end of the year as there are approximately 10 thousand new refugees in camps every day.

Disaster in Burma/Myanmar

Massive cyclone is expected to hit Burma/Myanmar in the are where the Rohingya are living in temporary camps fleeing the anti-muslim violence.  Some people have already been evacuated, but not nearly enough as there is little in the way of sturdy shelter. More than 50 people are feared dead when a refugee boat sank.  (100-200 people were on the boat.  42 are known to have swum to shore.)  As bad as this likely is, my real fear is for what will happen when the cyclone hits.

Bomb Attack in Turkey

A bomb attack in a city where the bulk of the Syrian refugees are in Turkey has killed 46 people.  There is finger pointing at Assad and nine people have been arrested, but there’s a whole lot of politics involved which means people are skeptical about nearly everything except the fact of the bombing and the tragedy of the deaths.  I’m not expressing an opinion on which claims are true until more information is available. My thoughts are with the survivors and the grieving families of the dead.

Another Deadly Factory Fire in Bangladesh

There has been another fire in a Bangladesh factory.  Eight people died as it was after hours.  The death toll from the factory collapse a month ago is past 900.  Garment workers continue to protest for worker safety.  18 factories have been closed for being unsafe, but many others are pretty clearly unsafe.

It’s sounding like Israel conducted an air strike into Syria to hit a weapons cache.

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